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We are a small family dental practice built on the concept that every smile is different and special in their own personal way. We understand that there should be no "one-size fits all" concept in dentistry and that we must personalize and cater our dental care to the special individual, that is you! We strive to make personal and real connections with our patients, that we hope last a lifetime. We are going to help you tell your story with a healthy SMILE because to us, you are not just a mouth, you are a unique individual.

Please allow our dental family to welcome you and your family to our practice!

About Us


Routine Exams


We have to make sure everything is working correctly!

Dental Hygiene


Cleanings are like oil changes for your car, you have to maintain it to keep it smiling!

Dental Fillings


We offer white (tooth colored) fillings and silver fillings like the olden days of yore.  Everyone likes options!

Crowns and Bridges

Crowns are like armor for your teeth.  Sometimes, your teeth need a little protection from all the wear and tear.  Bridges are one of the options to replace missing teeth, along with implants!  

Emergency Dentistry


It's never a good time to have an emergency but good thing we understand that life doesn't always go the way we plan.  Times like this calls for us to help a friend in need!

Teeth Whitening


Time for a little touch up! Have a special event? 

Time to tidy up! 

Our Team


Our Address
Opening Hours

Our office is located in the Hollywood District.

2721 NE 57th Ave

Portland, OR 97213

Monday – Friday  8AM – 6PM

Tel: 503-282-0926 


Contact Us
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